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Written on October 27, 2009 by PsychIE Author in Uncategorized

cerebro2The human brain is still a great enigma to us all, but as we continue to discover the brain´s powerful potential, we become aware, at the same time, of some of its weaknesses.

As a matter of fact, I came across a news item “Consiguen implantar falsos recuerdos en la memoria mediante técnicas de sugestión” (instilling false memories via techniques of suggestion) which shows how a group of researchers at the University of California-Irvine have studied one of the great weaknesses of human memory, namely the ease with which it may be tricked.

Thay investigated the possibility of creating fictional events in the lives of a group of people by means of suggestion, as well as changing real events using the same technique. The experiment succeeded in showing how these persons remembered events as real, exactly as they had been told.



Written on October 15, 2009 by PsychIE Author in Uncategorized

Fiabilidad 2Rarely or perhaps never, do we ask ourselves how it is possible that in a field as important as civil law, we never consider the need to investigate and innovate with regards to the truthfulness and veracity of wills, given that the statements of witnesses are the primary evidence in judicial processes: they are key components.

However, these highly-prozed elements may, in many cases, lack credibility. This is due to the fact that statements may include events, situations, facts, or persons which in reality took no part in the actual context: we call this false recollection and it is this which creates the need for studies concerning witness´ memory and recall.

There is a large amount of research on this topic, finding connections and correlations with regards to the witness´ age, their degree of involvement in the events being investigated, and the great influence which the kind of interrogation may have.

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