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Ergonomia_1Ergonomics [1] was created in the 1950s by engineers who were interested in the design of workplaces. Its knowledge base consists of contributions deriving from other sciences such as psychology, physiology, industrial engineering, biomechanics, etc.

These days, the aim of its application in the workplace is the creation of a suitable match between the employee, the kind of work being carried out and the materials which are required. In other words, its main objetive is the adaptation of the environment to the needs and abilities of the people involved in order to guarantee harmony between the workplace and the employee┬┤s activity.

The desired results revolve around an increase in the efficiency, safety, satisfaction, productivity, personal development etc.

Given the great importance which psychosocial factors take on in the area of ergonomics, we suggest you extend you go into this in more depth by means of the following chapter of Psychosocial factors and Organization [2].