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concentracion-4We all believe that memory is one of the main tools of human beings without realising that an essential factor in its correct functioning is concentration. It is this which makes it possible for us to use our mental capacities to the maximum.

It is important, then, that we develop our concentration and in order to do so we must train it by means of a series of habits and exercises. In this way, we will obtain better results, and will need to spend less time. In essence, we will manage to carry out many of our tasks successfully, not only those related to work or studies, but also the many little day to day activities.

One of the areas where concentration is most often missed is in leaning. In other words, we always remember it when it´s time to study. Consequently, I recommend you visit a very detailed page where you can learn a great deal about study methods and put into practice related exercises. Improve your learning!



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When we want to communicate with other people, we use verbal language, resulting in a dialogue which we prodece in a conscious and controlled fashion. But we are mistaken if we believe that this is the only form of communication occurring al any given moment.

Various nuances impact on our dialogues which provide valuable information to our interlocutor for understanding the words we say and what we are saying unconsciously. What we are talking about here are gestures, postures, intonation, etc, or in other words, what is known as non-verbal language or body language. The key here es that this accompanies verbal language, but is not normally under the speaker´s control, with the implication being that as something unconscious and uncontrolled, it expresses reality.

We can see this in practice when we listen to another person. We must observe the degree of coherence and congruence between these two forms of communication, in order to know the degree of truthfulness. 

Observe it.



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Throughout our lives we may find ourselves in situations where we must confort other people´s thoughts, interests, and values – in essence, their position- not only in our workplaces but also in our daily lives.

Assertiveness is a communication style which lets other people know how we think, and which expresses our desires, values, principles, rights, iterests, etc, without hurting or devaluing others.

Would you like to see an example?

This way of communicating enables us to confront others and debate with them, which simply means that we are ble to value ourselves and put forward our ideas in respectful, frank, honest, and open manner. At the same time, we manage to accurately convery our own position while protecting ourselves from the harm which others may try to inflict on us, given that we forensee any offence or aggression, and, thus leave aside the possibiliy of tension and anxiety arising – the classic scenario.



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PsychIE, The School of Psychology´s blog Ie University, has been created with the aim of offering internet users basic concepts, latest innovations, and a selection of relevant websites in order to deepen understanding or simply get a feel for the exciting world of Psychology. By means of diffrent posts, we will cover the most relevant research, professional avenues with the best prospects , and news events related to our university.

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